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Asuka Langley is my spirit animal


happy endings


Half Kill huh? ||©datsuko
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when ppl compliment u



you know whenever i feel bad about myself i just like to remember that im not one of those girls who firmly believes and says “i hang out with boys because theres no drama lol :-)”


Lifeguard Would Save Drowning Man, But Who Is He To Play God?



this smurf-devoted forum does not feel like a real forum. everyone has usernames like “smurfan94” and “bigsmurfette” and they all talk about smurfs and use words like “everysmurf”. this feels like a dream



I’m selling some left over sleep masks from my past etsy collections to make room for some new products. Each sleep mask is $10 and $2 for shipping (US only) if you want one leave a message below with your paypal email below and which mask you want. Please make sure that your paypal address if correct because i will be shipping to that address. #cute #kawaii #mooeyandfriends #sleepmasks #crochet #handmade

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